Thursday, 20 March 2014

Matt's sponsored 100 press-up challenge!

Last week my son, Matt, did his sponsored 100 press-up challenge in front of our karate class as part of his fundraising efforts for his Kilimanjaro challenge.

I thought he made an heroic effort to achieve this challenge as he found it harder than he had expected. He confessed later that he hadn't actually ever achieved 100 press-ups during his training and had only ever managed 70 before (which he then revised down to 60). Teenagers!!

However, he didn't want to let anyone down on the night and was determined to complete the challenge by hook or by crook. He cracked out the first 50 without too much problem but the second 50 became as much a mental challenge as a physical one. But he didn't give up and finally reached the target of 100. In fact watching him struggle on the 100th press-up still brings a tear to my eye.

Here's the video.....

Well, he's my hero anyway. Well done Matt. x

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Charles James said...

UrahRahhhhh, congrats, well done.

Sue Wharton said...

Thanks Charles. It's a tough challenge and I think he showed real courage in completing it, especially as he's not one of those professional gym strutters who spend all day honing their muscles!

Ari Maccabi said...

Your son is awesome! You have every right to be proud of him. He's already doing so much to help in such a young age. I hope you get all the funds you need for him to travel safely. Stay fit and healthy!

Ari @ InFighting

Sue Wharton said...

Hi Ari, thanks for your support. We are slowly getting to his target. Hopefully we'll make it.

Ben Wright said...

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Martial Arts Training said...

100 press-up challenge! Oh my god. I could only say that it is a stupendous achievement. I am sure that your son has practised intensively to attain the body fitness to accomplish the task. I was simply spellbound while watching the video. Great job!

Matt said...

Congrats to him! Thanks for keeping us posted on the progress of the challenge. I hope all is well in your continued training as well.

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